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Children's Ponchos Gallery




NOTE: Please refresh your browser each time you visit here so any new items will show up.

This page displays various ponchos for children from newborns to early teens. Any item can be made in your choice of colors. All items are machine washable and dryable unless otherwise specified. However, I suggest washing anything handmade on the gentle or delicate cycle in cold water.

Please note that ALL SIZES ARE APPROXIMATE. PLEASE CHECK MEASUREMENTS ON EACH PAGE. The sizes indicated are the sizes that I think they will fit. Many patterns seem to me to be too big or too small for the size indicated. That's why on most of the full view pages, I have included photos with rulers in the pictures so you can get a better idea of the actual size of the items. I also include the actual length of the ponchos so you can measure your child to see if it will fit. Ponchos marked with an asterisk can be made in other sizes, some up to adult XL. Check the item sizes listed on each page to see if the poncho you like is available in a different size. Prices will vary depending on the size requested. Larger sizes would, of course, be a bit more expensive. All of them can be made in different colors.

Click a thumbnail to see a bigger image. Any item marked Sold can still be ordered. It will just take longer to ship, as I will have to crochet it. Don't forget to check back here often, as I'm always adding new items.

  Infant's Hooded Poncho Hanky Top Baby Jewels Poncho
  Hooded Poncho
Large Preemie, $10
Hanky Top
Size 2T, $20
Baby Jewels
6-12 mos, $20
Spring Fantasy Poncho Starry Night Poncho Little Blue Riding Hood "Lana" Poncho
Spring Fantasy
Girls' size 2-3, $25
Starry Night Poncho*
Size 12-18 mos, $20
Little Blue Riding Hood*
Girls' size 1-2, $25
Lana Poncho*
6-9 mos, $20
"Coral" Poncho Fast & Fancy Poncho "Olivia" Poncho Christmas Tree Poncho
Coral Poncho*
Girls' size 5-6, $30
Fast & Fancy Poncho*
Girls' size 1-2, $25
Olivia Poncho*
Girls' size 1-2, $25
Christmas Tree Poncho*
Girls' size 4-5, $25
Candy Cane Poncho Berry Bobble & Flowers Poncho & Hat Rachel Poncho Berry Bobbles & Flowers Poncho & Hat
Candy Cane Poncho*
Girls' size 7-8, $30
Berry Bobbles & Flowers Poncho & Hat
Size 6-9 mos, $20
Rachel Poncho*
Girls' 3-4, $20
Berry Bobbles & Flowers Poncho & Hat
Size 6-9 mos, $20
Patriotic Poncho Green Hooded Poncho    
Patriotic Poncho*
Girls' size 4-5, $25
Green Hooded Poncho
Girl's size 5-6, $35
Rose Poncho Newborn Poncho Martha Stewart Baby Poncho Sally Ann Poncho
Rose Hooded Poncho
6-12 months, $20
Hooded Poncho
0-3 mos., $12
Martha Stewart
Baby Poncho

6-12 mos, $20
Sally Ann Poncho & Hat
Girls' size 1-2, $25
Amanda Lynn Poncho Berry Bobbles & Flowers Poncho & Hat Little Pink Hoodie Poncho Butterfly Flower Garden Poncho
Amanda Lynn
Girls' size 1-2, $25
Berry Bobble & Flowers Poncho & Hat,
Size Infant 0-3 mos, $15
Little Pink Hoodie*
Size 12-18 mos, $25

Butterfly Flower Garden*
Size 12-18 mos, $25

Victoria Poncho "Elegance" Poncho Aran Poncho Lacy Shells Poncho
Victoria Poncho*
Girls' size 2-3, $25
Elegance Poncho*
Girls' size 1-2, $25
Aran Poncho*
Girls' size 1-2, $25
Lacy Shells Poncho*
6-12 mos, $15
Lacy Lavender Poncho Lexi Poncho EZ Vs & Shells Poncho Berry Bobbles & Flowers Poncho & Hat
Lacy Lavender Poncho*
12-18 mos, $20
Lexi Poncho*
Girls' 3-5, $20
EZ Vs & Shells Poncho*
Girls' 4-5, $20
Berry Bobbles & Flowers Poncho & Hat
Size 12-18 mos, $25
Little Ivory Hoodie Boucle & Fur Poncho Fur-Trimmed Boucle Poncho Little Black Hoodie Cape
Little Ivory Hoodie
6-12 months
Jelly Bean Bouclé & Fun Fur Poncho
Girls' 3-7, $40
Fur-Trimmed Bouclé Poncho
Girls' 3-5, $40
Little Black Hoodie Cape
Size 12-18 mos, $30
Popcorn Stitch Toddler Poncho Martha Stewart Baby Poncho    
Popcorn Stitch Poncho
Girl's size 3-5, $25
Martha Stewart (SOLD)
Baby Poncho

6-12 mos, $20
Popcorn & Scallops Poncho & Hat Blueberry Dream Pie Poncho & Hat Christine Poncho "Janice" Poncho
Popcorn & Scallops
Poncho & Hat

Girls' size 5-6, $35
Blueberry Dream Pie
Girls' size 4-5, $30
Christine Poncho*
Girls' size 5-6, $30
"Janice" Poncho*
Girl's size 5-6, $30
Ruffled Poncho and Cap Girl's Poncho & Hat    
Ruffled Poncho and Hat
Girl's size 2-3, $25
Turquoise & Liime
Poncho & Hat

Girl's sz 2-3, $30



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