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Hand Crocheted
Household Items


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This page has various items for the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, or any room in your house. Any item can be made in your choice of colors. Most items are machine washable and dryable unless specified in the item's description. However, I suggest washing anything handmade on the gentle or delicate cycle in cold water. Items such as these small pieces could also be hand washed and laid flat to dry. Potholders and hot mats are NOT machine washable/dryable, as they are made from 100% cotton yarn so they don't melt when near hot dishes or pans (like acrylic yarn will), and they may shrink in the dryer. Hand wash in cold water, lay flat to dry. Don't forget that hand-made items make great birthday, Christmas, and other occasion gifts, such as Mother's Day and Father's Day.

Click a thumbnail to see a bigger image. Any item marked Sold can still be ordered. It will just take longer to ship, as I will have to crochet it. Don't forget to check back here often, as I'm always adding new items.

Tea Rose Potholder Buttercream Potholder Hot Pads Spring Hexagon Potholder
Tea Rose Potholder
12" diameter
Buttercream Potholder
$4.00 - SOLD
Hotpad Set
9.5" diameter
Spring Hexagon Potholder
7" diameter, $5.00
Pansy Potholder Dark Butterfly Potholder Spider Mum Potholder White Dahlia Potholder
Pansy Potholder
9.5" diameter
Dark Butterfly Hot Pad
10" W x 9" H
Spider Mum Potholder
8" diameter
$4.00 - SOLD
White Dahlia Potholder
9" diameter
Spring Potholder - Octagon Kelly Green Lacy Silhouette Potholder Aqua Lacy Silhouette Potholder Violet Lacy Silhouette Potholder
Octagon Spring Potholder
8.5" diameter, $4.00
Kelly Green Lacy Silhouette Potholder, 8", $4.00 (SOLD) Aqua Lacy Silhouette Potholder, 7.5"
Violet Lacy Silhouette Potholder, 8"
Olive Lacy Silhouette Potholder Light Butterfly Potholder Snowflake Potholder Pink Sensation Potholder
Olive Lacy Silhouette Potholder, 7"
(blue), $4.00
Light Butterfly Hot Pad
10" W x 9" H
Snowflake Potholder
8.5" square
$5.00 (SOLD)
Pink Sensation Potholder, 9" diam.
Blossom Potholder Periwinkle Potholder Scarlet Potholder Braided Chains Potholder
Blossom Potholder
10.5" diameter
$6.50 (SOLD)
Cornflower Potholder
7" diameter
Scarlet Potholder
7" diameter
$4.00 (SOLD)
Braided Chains Potholder
9.5" diameter, $5.00 SOLD
Pretty Potholder Spring Potholder - Heart Bumblebee Hot Pad Meadow Potholder
Pretty Potholder
7.5" across diagonal
Heart Spring Potholder
8.5" W x 9" H
Bumblebee Hot Pad
11" W x 12" H
Meadow Potholder
9.5" diameter
Petal Potholder Happy Housewarming Potholder Happy Housewarming Hotpad Summer Shells Potholders
Petal Potholder
10" diameter
Happy Housewarming Potholder
9.25" diameter, $6.00
Happy Housewarming Hotpad
11" diameter, $7.50
Summer Shells Potholders, 8.5" diam.
$12.00/set - SOLD
Off-White & Turquoise Dress Potholder Red & Pink Dress Potholder Green Dress Potholder  
Off-White & Turquoise Dress Potholder
11" W x 9" T, $10.00
Red & Pink Dress Potholder
11" W x 8.5" T, $10.00
Green Dress Potholder
10" W x 7.5" T
LSU Tissue Topper Mom's Tissue Topper Rose & Ribbons Tissue Topper  
LSU Tissue Topper
fits Boutique Tissue Box
Rose Garden Tissue Top
fits Boutique Tissue Box
Rose & Ribbons Topper
fits Boutique Tissue Box

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